Astro Sense is a brain child of Mr. Shailesh Kapadia. Mr. Shailesh is a Mumbai based astrologer but doesn’t practice this as a profession. He treats astrology as a science and not as a matter of commercial pursuit. Mr Shailesh has not done any professional courses in Astrology. He has always had keen interest in Astrology and has gained all the knowledge simply out of his passion and personal interest in the subject.
Mr. Kapadia is a very friendly and is a man of simple living and high thinking. Mr Kapadia has helped his associates and friends overcoming the financial setbacks and has also helped them in curing health related issues.

Over a period of time, Mr. Kapadia has realized that movement of planets greatly affects human behaviour, health, personal relations, and also the market trends. He has continued to master this art and now thought of sharing this knowledge with people for no commercial gains.

As more and more people are getting involved with Share and Commodity exchanges – he thought it would be nice if people can benefit from his knowledge in maximizing their profits. While he doesn’t guarantee anything, no body does, but he feels that people can certainly take help from this in making a right decision.

He is also a true believer of Homeopathy and has great knowledge about homeopathy medicines.

Astro Sense is created to give predictions regarding market (Share as well as commodity) trends. All predictions are based on Astrology mixed with technical charts.

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