Prediction for Period: 23-Jul-2012 to 14-Aug-2012
Prediction: As predicted Gold & Silver volatile & Bearish Last Week. From 23rd July 2012 to 26th or 27th July 2012 you will see Tug-of-War between Bull & Bear. Thursday 26th July 2012 will be much Bullish up to 16:00 hrs.

From Thursday 26th July 2012 16:02 hrs To Tuesday 14th August 2012 05:40 hrs, Gold & Silver become Good Bearish. Tuesday 31st July 2012 can be a Very significant bearish day.
Special Attention: 31st July 2012 can be a Very significant bearish day.4/6
Prediction for Period: 21-May-2012 to 01-Jun-2012
Prediction: Nifty taken support near 4750, level near term nifty can bounce the level of 5050 to 5195/5220, till 1st June 2012. Observe 5050 level in closing basis.
Special Attention:
Prediction for Period: 01-May-2012 to 31-May-2012
Prediction: test
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